on April 08, 2018

April 8: Growth Group Guide

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Sermon Text: Luke 24:13-35

Study Texts: Revelation 22:6-21

Sermon Recap: In this week’s sermon text, we note that Jesus clearly explains the gospel to the two men on the Emmaus road using Himself as the interpretive key. The gospel is not a new theme that emerges in the New Testament. Rather, as Luke makes clear, the gospel is the central theme of the entire Bible, and Jesus Himself is the key to understanding it all. Imagine hearing the most thorough and sound explanation of the Bible from the very Person Who wrote it. By doing this, Jesus clearly shows that the accomplishment of redemption is the theme of the Bible and of all history.

Sermon Connection: Knowing that the entire Bible is about Jesus and the accomplishment of redemption, it should come as no surprise that we find this theme everywhere. We can often become tired of repetition in our culture, and yet this is exactly what the Bible does: It repeats the accomplishment of redemption through Jesus. In Revelation 22, the last chapter in the Bible, we find John reflecting on this very fact; and because of this, he anticipates the coming culmination of God’s redemptive plan: the glorifying of Christ in the salvation of His people. Furthermore, we see John affirming the trustworthiness of the Bible, which itself tells the story of Jesus’ accomplishing of redemption. In light of all these things, and with John, we cry, “ Come, Lord Jesus!

Lesson Plan

Lesson Goal: To see that, in accomplishing salvation through the cross, Jesus assures the coming promise of eternal life in God.

Lesson Points:
Point 1: The Promise and Warning of His Coming
(vv. 6-11)

Point 2: The Purpose of His Coming (vv. 12-15)

Point 3: The Foundation of His Coming (vv. 16-21)



The Context: We find ourselves at the very end of the Bible. Having been exiled because of his faith in Jesus, John (now an old man) is permitted to see the coming fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation. And while some parts of Revelation are still unclear, this closing passage is crystal clear. We see that Jesus is coming, that we are to warn everyone by sharing and living the gospel, that He is coming to bring reckoning, and that He is Himself, God. With this, John ends his letter.

Point 1 - The Promise and Warning of His Coming (vv. 6-11)

  • Numerous times throughout the New Testament, the church is assured of Jesus’ imminent return. And as she waits the church is called to faithful living and obedience to the Word.

  • In telling us that, “... These words are trustworthy and true ,” what implication about obedience can we draw from verse 6?

  • Verse 7 is a quote from Jesus Himself. According to this verse, what is the promise for those who walk in His ways and keep His Word?

  • How might we understand verse 7 to include a warning alongside the blessing?

  • What are the verses (6-11) in this section saying about the trustworthiness of the Bible?

Point 2 - The Purpose of His Coming (vv. 12-15)

  • In verse 12, we see Jesus making a pronouncement about His return (the Second Coming). What do we learn about the purpose of His coming?

  • How does verse 13 coincide and support Jesus’ words from Luke 24:25-27 and show us why Jesus is able to bring reckoning and recompense?

  • What do verses 14 and 15 teach us about salvation? Why is this dependent on Jesus’ sacrificial death, burial and resurrection?


Point 3 - The Foundation of His Coming (vv. 16-21)

  • Consider what Jesus says about Himself in verse 16. Why does He make a point to identify Himself as “ ...the root and descendant of David, the bright morning star” ? See also Mt. 1.

  • Why is this a sure foundation for our hope in the gospel?


The Big Picture

Having reflected on this passage of Scripture, which is so full of hope, I hope we can say with John, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Come! This is a fitting close to the Bible: Hopeful anticipation. We see that because Jesus perfectly accomplished the salvation of His people on the cross and through His resurrection, the Church now has a great hope for eternity with Him. There is no hope apart from Him, which is why we cling to Him alone for salvation and why we must go with the gospel to all the people(s) of the earth.


Purposeful Prayer: Pray for those who are serving in foreign lands as they labor to spread the gospel and see the church planted and established. Pray that they would be continuously motivated by the hope of Jesus’ return and burdened with an urgency to press on without ceasing.


Application Questions

  • How does my life reflect my hope in Christ and His coming?

  • How is Jesus’ assured return motivating me toward mission(s)? How it is affecting my urgency with the gospel?

  • Are there areas of my life where I need to repent over a low view of the Bible, or a comfort with the gospel?

  • How does Jesus’ assured return give me great hope and faith?