on February 04, 2018

February 4: Growth Group Guide

The Light - 180 Weekend




Sermon Text: Galatians 5:13-15

Study Texts: 1 John 1:5-10


180 Connection:  This week, our Growth Group Bible Study is connecting with the teaching that has taken place throughout the entire 180 Weekend.  180 weekend is a Parkwood Student Ministry discipleship weekend.  The theme for 180 has been “The Light.” The focal passage for the weekend was 1 John 1:5-7.  

John has a unique message. Its source: Jesus. Its audience: us. Its content: God.

What about God? “...God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” What a statement!

Often we would complete the statement, “God is love.” However, John

begins his letter with the foundational truth that God is light. This is a big theme

throughout Scripture. The word “light” occurs in some form over 275 times in the Bible

(95 times in the New Testament). This word is used to point out God’s holiness, moral

purity, and goodness. It also conveys His truthfulness and revelation. In this study, we will look at what “God is light” means (v. 5) and that as a believer, we are to “Walk in the light” (vv 6-7).  And in verses 8-10, we will study that believers must confess their sins as they walk in the light, in fellowship with God.


Lesson Plan

Lesson Goal: To understand that as a believer as we Walk in the Light, we will follow His Word, live in His power and grow in His grace as we fellowship with God, now and for eternity.


Lesson Points:

Point 1 - God is Light (v. 5)

Point 2 - Walking in the Light (vv. 6-7)

Point 3 - Don’t Claim to Be Without Sin (vv. 8-10)


The Context: There are three parts to John’s discussion in these verses. First, verse 5 gives the message of Christ that John has personally heard. Second, verses 6 and 7 talk about some practical implications for life that come from this passage. Third, verses 8-10 answer a misunderstanding of verses 6 and 7 and give clarity to their meaning. So, verse 5 lays the foundation. Verses 6-7 apply the truth, and verses 8-10 clarify the truth.


Opening Question: Owls, bats, and raccoons are creatures of darkness. -- Describe a time when you had to walk in the dark. What happened? What was it like?


Point 1 - God is Light (v. 5)

  • What does John mean that “God is light?”
  • What is the main value of light?


Point 2 - Walking in the Light (vv. 6-7)

  • What does it mean to “walk in darkness?” (v.6)
  • According to v. 7, what two things accompany walking in the light: “...if we walk in the light,...”
  • What is “walking in fellowship with one another?” (v. 7)
  • What does it mean to be cleansed from all sin by the blood of Jesus?


Point 3 - Don’t Claim to Be Without Sin (vv. 8-10)

  • Does John teach that Christians don’t sin anymore? (v. 8)
  • Why are we called to continue to confess our sins? (v. 9)
  • What is the strong warning in verse 10? What are we saying about God?


The Big Picture

  • Verse 5: God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. His truth is bright and hopeful for all who come to Him.
  • Verses 6-7: Walk in the light of God so that we can enjoy His fellowship and experience the cleansing of Christ’s blood.
  • Verses 8-10: Don’t claim to be without sin.  Do not presume to claim to be sinless as you walk in the light, but confess your sins to God.


Application Questions

  • When you walk in the light, how are you having fellowship with God?  
  • When and where are you having fellowship with other believers?
  • Are there any ways in which you are not walking in the light but walking in darkness?
  • How often do you confess your sins to God?
  • How are you guiding your family to walk in the light?