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by Anna Long on June 20, 2018

Throughout the Gospels we see Jesus’ call to His people, to take up your cross and follow- a call to go - now- right where you are. No excuses. No looking back. Parkwood’s college students must not lose sight of this high and holy calling, and we as the church must equip them to be effective Christians in a broken world. This summer, Parkwood is introducing a new avenue to develop the next generation of Christ followers and disciple-makers. Great Commission Team, or GCT, is a team of college students seeking to grow, develop and learn how to use their gifts and passions to further the Gospel wherever God leads them. The program is a 10-week discipleship intensive that entails hands-on ministry experience in the local church, the community, and around the world. They traveled in pairs to overseas locations to experience how God is working internationally, are attending classes on campus at Parkwood, serving in the church, participating in cultural immersion activities, and are engaging our community with the gospel. We pray that GCT equips the accountants, teachers, photographers, doctors, and ministers of the next generation to know the God they serve and spread His glory among their neighbors and the nations.


Sydney Allen

Sydney is a sophomore at UNCC studying history and religious studies. She enjoys culture and travel, reading, and leading in her campus ministry, Impact. In the future, Sydney would like to use her gifts to pursue missions.

Holden Barlow

Holden just completed his first year at Gaston College and plans to transfer to a four-year university to study business. He loves sports and music. He is involved in the student ministry at Parkwood. Holden hopes to use his love for people and gifts of evangelism to minister to high school students in the future.

Savannah Bourgeois

Savannah will be a Junior at UNC Wilmington in the fall where she plans to study biochemistry. Savannah is involved in student ministry at Parkwood and does Jiu-Jitsu in her free time. Savannah wants to use her gifts of leadership and her passion for evangelism to further the Gospel in the medical field.

Justin Helms

Justin attends Anderson University where he plays baseball and is majoring in Christian studies. He loves sports and reading theological books. He is exploring a call to pastoral ministry and wants to use his career to further the kingdom of God.

Carey Horne

Carey attends UNC Wilmington and is pursuing a degree in secondary education with a concentration in English. Her favorite things include volleyball, softball, and swimming. She has a passion for teaching and hopes to use this gift to share Christ with her future students and colleagues.

Klair Lindsay

Klair will be attending Appalachian State University to study apparel design and merchandising. She loves the outdoors, her friends, and playing on her karaoke machine. She hopes to use her gifts to share the gospel in the workplace.

Daniel Moore

Daniel is a photographer and videographer. He also enjoys playing the guitar. He is involved with production and worship ministries at Parkwood, and leads up Parkwood’s photography team. He wants to learn how to use his creative gifts to reach people with the Gospel, and train young photographers to do the same.

Cara Pratt

Cara will be a junior at Anderson University, where she studies business and accounting. Cara loves hanging out with her friends and trying new things. She hopes to use her gifts of encouragement to share the gospel in the business world.

Constance Revis

Constance attends North Greenville University where she studies Elementary Education. She enjoys theater and working with children. This summer she is using her gifts in Parkwood Kids ministry.  She is passionate about teaching the Gospel to children and would love to use her future career to do so.

Kasie White

Kasie is a sophomore at Appalachian State University. She is currently studying middle grades education with a concentration in history and English, and a minor in ESL. Her hobbies are wood burning and watching documentaries. Kasie is passionate about discipling young women and hopes to grow as a leader in women’s ministry through GCT.

Jacob Wiggins

Jacob studies business at Gaston College. He loves to play tennis and works at Pelican’s Snoballs in Gastonia. He hopes to use his gifts in serving others and building relationships to advance the Gospel through owning his own Pelican’s store.

GCT Coordinator: Anna Long

Anna recently graduated with an education degree from Belmont Abbey College and is interning at Parkwood. She loves music, photography, writing, and people. She is currently pursuing a call to vocational ministry and plans to further her graduate studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Anna oversees GCT, writes material, plans their activities, and invests in the team. 

What you can do….

For Great Commission Team to be the most beneficial for the team and the church as a whole, we want you to be involved.

Pray.   Pray for our team members as they learn, grow, and serve this summer. Pray that GCT will help give them the tools they need to go with the Gospel and walk in obedience to Christ.

Give. If you feel led to give to support Great Commission Team you can give directly to the team by clicking here

Follow.  You can follow along with GCT on Instagram, @parkwoodcollege. Weekly updates are posted. You can also contact Anna Long at for specific prayer requests and updates on what GCT is doing throughout the summer.

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