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Mission Impact Celebration 2018

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Mission Impact Celebration 2018

by Andrew Brafford on February 14, 2018

What is Mission Impact Celebration?

Mission Impact Celebration - affectionately known as MIC - is an event that we host at Parkwood every other year to celebrate the impact of the gospel among the unreached around the world and among the least reached across America. Parkwood is connected to gospel workers in many countries, cultures, and contexts, and MIC is an opportunity to invite them to Gastonia so that we might share together how our heavenly Father is working through the gospel to make His glory known in all the earth and among all peoples.


MIC 2018

This year’s Mission Impact Celebration is March 14-18. MIC 2018 is focused on reaching the unreached of Central Asia. Our commitment to the affinity of Central Asia, where every people group is unreached (meaning less than 2% are followers of Christ) is relatively new, but it is our primary partnership. The goal of MIC 2018 is to communicate the lostness and desperate need for the gospel in this part of the world and to mobilize us at Parkwood to engage in that partnership in specific ways. Parkwood has linked arms with teams in three Central Asia locations, and they will be sharing with us why and how we should be praying, giving, and going to Central Asia as short-term workers, mid-term workers, and long-term workers.



Wednesday, March 14

This is a day of prayer and fasting, and we begin MIC with a Prayer and Fasting Service with our gospel workers. You will hear how to intercede for them, you will pray for them, you will pray with them, and you will hear them pray for one another and for us.


Thursday, March 15

On this day, our gospel workers fellowship and share with off-campus growth groups. We are asking those groups with a worker visiting to adjust their schedules. This time of fellowship and sharing will be rich as you hear from a gospel worker about his calling, struggles, victories, and how you can connect with them to support and come alongside them in the work.


Friday, March 16

This night is a corporate gathering where the particular focus of MIC 2018 comes to the fore. As a church and as workers spread around the world, we will all hear from those serving in Central Asia. We will hear of the tremendous need for the gospel; we will hear how the gospel has come, gone and returned to this region; and we will hear them call for help and explain how we can be practically and strategically involved in reaching the unreached of Central Asia.


Saturday, March 17

Join us on this day for casual and meaningful fellowship. The goal is to give workers an opportunity to fellowship with each other and for us to connect and minister to them. Growth group leaders in particular have a significant opportunity here to hang out with a worker and foster a relationship which can be a valuable and ongoing Global connection for your growth group.


Sunday, March 18

MIC concludes with worship and biblical teaching that situates the week’s conversation squarely upon the character and mission of God. It is a time to celebrate the work of God around the world, rejoice in the gospel through Jesus Christ, and resolve to give ourselves to the mission of making His glory and His gospel known in all the earth.


We hope you will join us for this special week in the life of this church!

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