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2 Peter Series: Remember the Gospel!

As we begin our study of 2 Peter, it is important to note several things. First, the letter itself was written to a real group of churches facing real problems and struggles of faith. These were our brothers and sisters in the faith, and what Peter says to them under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, still very much applies to the Church today. His aim in this letter is to call the people of the Church, who had fallen under the influence of false teachings and non-gospel claims, to refocus themselves on God. The theme “Remember!” is prevalent throughout the short letter, but for good reason. Peter desires that these churches stand firm in the certainty of faith that comes from God. Faith is not a work of the human flesh, and remembering (according to Peter) is not merely thinking. To “remember” the gospel, as Peter instructs, is to so invest our heart and lives into this gospel that our lives are fundamentally changed and God-centered in every way! Throughout the letter, Peter continually calls the church to look back and remember all that God has done for her in and through Christ, and to continually look forward to the coming glory that is to be revealed!

It is a divine blessing that the very letter Peter wrote to the church some 2000 years ago is still just as applicable today. We are living in a world with similar struggles and sufferings as the church of Peter’s day. There are numerous false teachers competing for our loyalties, be it a false gospel of wealth and prosperity, the growing sexual revolution seemingly controlling our culture, or some other force that calls us from the gospel of Christ. We live in a fallen world and the gospel is the only hope. This is why the message of this letter is so very important for us to hear and for us to invest into one another. In our growth groups, as we study through this letter, we will call each other to remember the gospel, remember our calling from the Lord Jesus Christ, and to reject the false gospels of the world by clinging tightly to Christ. We will see the eternal truths of Scripture that emerge from the pages of the Bible, and we will be called to treasure them in our hearts and to invest them into the hearts and lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. This will be a rich and rewarding time in our growth groups as we call each other to “Remember the Gospel!”


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