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What is Mid-Term Missions?

Parkwood's Mid-Term Missions (MTMs) are trips between 2 months and 2 years in length. MTMs accomplish one of three things:

  1. Mid-term provides cross-cultural perspective and experience that will make one a better pastor, engineer, teacher, or whatever God calls you to do.
  2. Mid-term serves as a catalyst to consider long-term mission work. Some have never considered being a cross-cultural worker until going mid-term for a summer, semester, or year.
  3. Mid-term provides an assessment and proving ground for those who are considering, or are already confident of, a long-term missionary call.


  • Follow Jesus. Mature as a follower of Christ. Show an understanding of the Gospel and the biblical command for the mission. (Matthew 28:16-20)
  • Be committed. Participate as a member of Parkwood Baptist Church or a like-minded church, or regularly attend and be registered for Discover Parkwood. (Hebrews 10:25)
  • Be adaptable. Willingly conform to the customs of the culture, even if those customs are stricter than your own. (1 Cor 9:1-23)
  • Be prepared. Commit to devoting the time and energy to the all trip responsibilities including, but not limited to pre-trip training and post-trip evaluations. (1 Peter 3:15)
  • Be in agreement. Affirm Parkwood’s Beliefs, Mission Strategy, and team objectives. (Romans 15:5-6)


  • Be willing to explore a calling to cross-cultural living and ministry. The Missionary Call, by David Sills, is recommended reading.
  • Consider a time frame. How long are you willing to serve? Mid-Term opportunities are available in various lengths between 2 months and 2 years.
  • Contact Parkwood's Global office. Email to express your desire for Mid-Term assignment.
  • Choose an affinity or area of the world. Are you willing/seeking to fit into the strategic sending of Parkwood, or do you believe the Spirit is leading you to a particular place, area, or affinity?
  • Raise support. Send out support letters and/or make personal contributions. Many of our Mid-Term pathways are partially funded, leaving the applicant responsible for a reduced rate. Prayer support must not be neglected and is a required element for Mid-Term applicants.
  • Complete required training. Three months of high level training will be required in partnership with IMB and the local church. Additional training may be required at onset of assignment depending on location.
  • Go. Serve the Lord with IMB and/or alongside our partners.
  • Submit to accountability. The Mid-Term applicant is directly accountable to assigned field personnel and also accountable to Parkwood as sending church.
  • Expect re-entry follow-up. This process will be entirely individual. Follow-up consists of personal debriefing in some cases and professional counseling in other cases, depending on circumstances.


In order to prepare to go Mid-Term, it is crucial that you deepen your understanding of global missions. One of the ways to do that is to make use of two helpful trainings from the IMB:

  1. Explore Missions - This 6-session curriculum uses an interactive format to help you understand your role in the Great Commission and learn about pioneers of the missions movement.
  2. Deepen DiscipleshipDeepen Discipleship is an interactive discipleship process that will prepare Christians for both local and global disciple-making in the context of local church community.

These trainings are helpful for personal edification, but in order for Explore Missions and Deepen Discipleship to meet the IMB application requirements, they must be done in conjuction with the local church. Please contact Andrew Brafford at   if this applies to you.



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  • Ages: College +
  • Term: relative to purpose

*Students can pursue a degree. Professionals can continue a career. Retirees can join a team.


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