Upcoming Trips

Boston | APPLY
Description: Support City On A Hill Church in Brighton with "The Big Move" in Boston. It is where 30% of the city moves in one day and is a great opportunity to help and connect with young pros, grads, and college students.
Trip Status: Confirmed 
Dates: 8/31/20 - 9/6/20
Trip Leader: TBD
Trip Size: 8
Cost: $700

Nashville, TN | APPLY
Description: To establish relationships with Ks that can be developed in hopes of EV, discipleship, and connecting Ks to contacts in Nashville and the K church. Contact Chuck Starr for more information.
Trip Status: Confirmed 
Dates: 9/13/20 - 9/16/20
Trip Leader: TBD
Trip Size: 3-4 people
Cost: $300

Central Asia | APPLY
Description: Supporting CA-K by providing theological education and member care.
Trip Status: Confirmed 
Dates: 9/22/20 - 10/1/20
Trip Leader: TBD
Trip Size: 6
Cost: $2100

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