1. Purpose for Mission: Glorifying God while laboring together for the growth of all believers while going with the gospel to all people.

Parkwood’s purpose drives everything we do toward a singular focus: the mission of God. All our efforts culminate in magnifying the glory of God and proclaiming the gospel of God among all people.

2. Contexts for Sending: Reached and Unreached
Parkwood sends gospel workers to reached and unreached contexts. Reached contexts are places where gospel work is active and the church is established among a reached people; reached people groups are groups in which 2% or more are evangelical believers. In these places we seek to equip the church. Unreached contexts are places where gospel work is inactive or just beginning among an unreached people; unreached people groups are groups in which less than 2% are evangelical believers, and unreached unengaged people groups have no sustained gospel work at all. In these places we seek to establish the church.

3 Avenues for Going: Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term
Parkwood sends gospel workers to reached and unreached contexts through short-term missions (STM), mid-term missions (MTM), and long-term missions (LTM). Duration of commitment determines the avenue for going. STM teams go for less than two weeks; MTM teams go for two weeks to two years; and LTM teams go for more than two years, often as career missionaries.

4. Opportunities for Giving
Parkwood financially supports STM, MTM, and LTM sending. The International Missions Offering (IMO) is collected throughout the year culminating in a grand giving Sunday in December. These funds are sent to the International Mission Board (IMB), supporting missionaries all over the world. Finally, financial support may be given to send individuals short-term and mid-term. While one-time gifts may be the obvious method for STM, MTM may be supported through one-time gifts or through ongoing gifts during their time on the field.

5. Everything Undergirded with Prayer
Parkwood firmly believes in two profound realities that compel us to pray. First, we believe “apart from Christ we can do nothing” (John 15:5). Whatever mission or strategy we may contrive will fail if operate in our own strength. Second, “whoever abides in Christ, and He in them, bears much fruit” (John 15:5). While we can do nothing in our own strength, Christ accomplishes His purpose through us as we abide in Him. Prayer is the evidence of that abiding. Our power to carry out Parkwood’s strategy to participate in the mission of God rests not in our own power but in the power of God, and so we pray.

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