Kids with Special Needs


What do Buddies do?

  • Buddies help every child who attends Parkwood Kids have a safe and meaningful experience, regardless of physical, sensory, cognitive, developmental, or emotional differences.
  • Buddies work closely with teachers and can identify those who are having an “off” day and who need extra support.
  • Buddies keep all kids safe by closely assisting an individual kid who needs more support.
  • Buddies can be a regular one-on-one support for a child when assigned by staff.
  • Buddies can use sensory rooms to offer a “break” to the child they support when authorized in writing by parents.
  • Buddies are on-call to help with any child who needs extra support for any reason at any time.
  • Buddies support a family, but they are not the voice of Parkwood or Parkwood Kids to the family.
  • Buddies do not research local laws or implement policies on restraining a child. That is the job of the staff.
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Please read carefully the bullet points above about what buddies do and then answer each question below thoroughly. 

Are you a member of Parkwood?
Have you read over the bullet points above "What do buddies do?"
Do you understand that you must attend training before being a Parkwood Buddy?