Disciple-Makers Intensive is a strategy focused on equipping followers of Christ to be disciple-makers in two, one year segments. Focus will be given to both educational and practical elements essential to becoming a disciple-maker, such as biblical and systematic theology, evangelism, apologetics, spiritual disciplines, and counseling.


Why are we doing this Disciple-Makers Intensive?
Disciple-Makers Intensive is a process where followers of Jesus will undergo an intense two-year training to equip them to be disciple-makers. Focus will be given to both educational and practical elements essential to becoming a disciple-maker such as, biblical and systematic theology, evangelism, apologetics, spiritual disciplines, and counseling.
What is the schedule?
  1. The Intensive will begin on January 5th and run through December 21st, 2022.
  2. A typical month will look like this: 
    1. Week 1: the student comes to class and learns
    2. Week 2: the student will reteach 1-3 people the same material
    3. Week 3: the student will come back to class to learn new material
    4. Week 4: the student will reteach the same 1-3 people the new material
Are there weeks we can take off?

Yes! There are 8 weeks scheduled during the year with no class; the four major holidays (Easter- April 20th, Thanksgiving – November 23rd, Christmas – December 21st, and New Years – December 28th) and four weeks during the summer.

Do I have to teach the same 1-3 people each time?

Yes, ideally the people you disciple will receive the same 2 years of content that you do.

Is there an attendance policy?

Yes. We expect you to miss no more than 5% of the classes (which is 3 weeks which can be either teaching or discipling weeks). Note: these absences are in addition to having 8 weeks off.

Where will the classes be held?

The classes will be held on Parkwood’s campus. The specific room is TBD.

When will the classes be held?

Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm

What if I am sick?

You can arrange a time with the teacher to work through the lesson separately once you are well.

Will there be any homework each week? If so, how much?
  1. Occasionally there may be an additional resource or passage of Scripture to read. However, most of the homework will be preparing to reteach the material.
  2. There will be a brief accountability form to fill out each time you meet with your 1-3 folks. This will need to be brought and turned in.
What if the person I’m discipling is an immature believer?

This is a good thing! It just may require a bit more effort on your part to help them understand the material or bring it down to what they can handle.

What if the person I’m discipling quits?

Don’t be discouraged if this happens. Be faithful to continue discipling the others. We will discuss with you if it is possible to find an additional person.

What if I cannot find someone to meet with? Will I be assigned a person to disciple?

Ideally you will already have someone in mind before applying for the Intensive. However, in a rare case, Parkwood staff may have some individuals who will be available to be assigned, but this would be done on a case by case basis. Please let us know as soon as possible if this pertains to you.

What books/materials will I need to buy?

Student Notebook

What do I do if I can’t take the second year? Or have to delay?

We understand that life can often change dramatically from year to year. If you are unable to continue into the second year please let us know immediately and we will work together with you to determine the best path forward.


I acknowledge this is a two year commitment in total, but I am currently committing to the first year, from January 2022 until December 2022.

I agree that the following five statements characterize my Christian life.

    1. I regularly attend Sunday morning service.
    2. I regularly attend and participate in a growth group.
    3. I maintain consistent, personal time in the word and prayer.
    4. I have experience in discipling another person. 
    5. My life is characterized by progressive sanctification. 

Because Disciple-Makers Intensive is focused on equipping others, I commit to forming a discipling relationship with one to three other believers. I will attend the bi-weekly teaching time and be prepared for the biweekly reteaching time. Outside of the built-in eight weeks off, I will strive to miss no more than four teaching weeks, as frequent absences will make effective equipping and discipling difficult. 

I commit to regularly praying for myself and those I’m discipling in this process.