All classes for children who have completed 5th and 6th grades are full. 

VBS registration for children who have completed Kindergarten – 4th grade is still OPEN.  

June 19-22, 2023

9:30am – 12:30pm

Family Day
Thursday, June 22

*Family Day activities begin after VBS on Thursday


Parkwood Baptist Church





Leading a small group of kids through the VBS rotations each day is such an important way to serve!. Guides have the best opportunity at VBS to get to know the kids and personally talk with them about the Gospel. Our VBS guides are crucial to the success of the week!

Clean-up Team

This team shows up as soon as VBS ends on the last day and works together to tear down and return everything to where it belongs. If you enjoy cleaning and bringing things back to order, then this is the team for you!


Kids LOVE craft time at VBS! The craft rooms are fun places where kids can be creative and make projects that reinforce the Biblical truth for each day. Volunteering here is busy and sometimes messy but always fun!

Design & Construction

The whole church looks forward to VBS decor! It brings excitement and helps everyone experience the theme. Decorating involves envisioning the theme, engineering, building, and painting. This team works for weeks before VBS typically in the evening (after work) hours. 
*Note: D&C may serve in this category as well as one that takes place during VBS. 


Greeting people as they arrive, registering families, helping people check in, assisting families in finding their way…the Check-in Team is crucial to VBS running smoothly! If administration is your game then maybe this is the team for you!


Everyone looks forward to VBS recreation! It is a time to run and play and laugh and cheer AND still be challenged to think about the Biblical truth of the day! To volunteer with recreation is an opportunity to lead the kids in their games as well as encourage and cheer them on! It is busy and active and very rewarding!


Snacks energize us and keep us going at VBS! Volunteering here means serving up the daily options with a smile! We have opportunities for working with kid’s snack as well as the adult snack room.

Teaching Assistant

Whether working with lead teachers in the Bible rotation or the Missions rotation, teaching time is definitely a top priority for VBS. Volunteering in this area involves assisting with running a classroom, teaching Biblical truth, and facilitating learning activities. After all, VBS is about learning the Bible!


What is VBS?

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a fun-filled gospel adventure that focuses on Bible study and life application for those who have completed Kindergarten (just finished Kindergarten) to 4th graders (just finished 4th grade).

What is VBX?

Vacation Bible Experience (VBX) is a fun-filled gospel adventure that focuses on Bible study and life application for those who have completed 5th & 6th grades. The purpose of VBX is to give students a glimpse of life in student ministry while participating in on and off-campus activities.

What should my child wear?

Casual attire is best (shorts, t-shirts) with close-toes shoes (no flip flops, please; tennis shoes preferred). Your child will have game-time outside every day, and they will need to be comfortably dressed. Also, sometimes crafts can get a little messy, so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty.

What should my child bring?

As little as possible. They will be moving from room to room, and unnecessary stuff can get lost easily.

How will my child’s food allergies be handled?

Make sure you indicate any allergies on this registration form. We have a daily snack and also provide a gluten-free alternative. If what we provide doesn’t work for your child, you are welcome to provide your own snack. Please label your child’s snack and have them let their VBS guide (teacher) know.

How do I pick up my child?

Please park and come in to pick up your child(ren). You will need the security tag you received at check-in upon entry into the building. Please remember your child’s group and you are also required to sign your child out on the class roster. If you forget or lose your child’s security tag, please visit the registration table for a replacement. Please note that a picture of the tag is permissible for entry, so it would be a good idea to save a picture of it on your phone as soon as you receive it in case it is lost or forgotten.

What if someone other than me is picking up my child?

Please let your child’s leader know at drop-off if someone other than you will be picking up your child. Be sure to give your child’s security tag or send a picture of it to that person. If that person does not have your child’s security tag, he/she will be asked to step aside until you can be contacted.

What if I need to get in contact with my child while they are at VBS?

Please contact the church office at (704) 864-3681.

What is VBS Family Day?

Thursday, June 23, at 12:00 pm is VBS Family Day for families of those participating in VBS. Join us for the final Worship Rally, Chic-fil-a, water inflatables & ice cream! Be sure your child packs a swimsuit and towel on Thursday.


Below is information that will help you know what to expect when you drop-off and pick-up your children from VBS.


As you enter the parking lot and find a place to park, you will see giant blue flags where you will enter the building. 


When you arrive, walk toward the blue flags outside the entrance to the main lobby doors. After entering you will see tables with volunteers ready to register and check-in your child for VBS or VBX.  If you have any questions, anyone wearing a purple VBS t-shirt will be glad to help however they can.


Check-in and drop-off begins at 9:15 AM.

To check-in your child:

  • After checking in with a volunteer at the registration tables. You will then go to one of the iPad kiosks in the lobby. Enter your phone number, select your children’s names, and hit print.
  • The printer will print two nametags for each child. One is for you to keep and the other is to go on your child.
  • After checking-in your child, the doors to the worship center will open at 9:15 AM. Please escort your child to the row of seats labeled with your child’s class name (example: KB = “Kindergarten B”)

All kids will be picked up by coming inside the worship center. The security tag you received at check-in (or photo of nametag), MUST be presented to pick-up your child.