NameAmber Moon
Address541 Landers Chapel Raod
Lincolnton, NC 28092
United States
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Phone(704) 813-4783
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Are you a member of Parkwood?
  • Yes
Are you able to commit to this two year process (in one year segments)?
  • Yes
Regarding the time commitment, do you have any reservations or potential issues?
  • No
Are you currently serving in the church? If so, where?Yes, Awana (2nd grade)
Are you currently discipling someone? If so, who are you discipling and please tell us about the relationship.

No, I am not currently discipling anyone.

Is someone currently discipling you? If so, who is discipling you and please tell us about the relationship.

Not at this time.

Have you previously taken any training or equipping classes at Parkwood? (I.e. Bible Doctrine, discipleship, evangelism, 20 Basic Beliefs, GG leader training, etc.) If so, which ones?

I have facilitated a couple of classes at Parkwood (Discipleship class for ladies in the fall of 2014 and Crown Financial Ministries in the fall of 2019) but have not taken any training or equipping classes.

Why do you want to be a part of Disciple Makers Intensive?

I have not had the opportunity to attend seminary or participate in a program like this and have a strong desire to take a deep dive into the subjects included in Disciple-Makers Intensive. I know what I believe and why I believe it, but to paraphrase a few points Jeff and Scott made in the podcast, I’m very much aware from my attempts to have Gospel conversations with people that I need to grow and become better equipped for addressing some of the questions/arguments people often have. Because we will be learning to teach, not just learning to learn, I will be more equipped to intellectually respond to what’s going on in our world, and if the past two years have taught me anything, it is just how crucial that skill is to have.

Lainey also mentioned in the podcast that the re-teaching element solidifies truth and based on my previous experiences with teaching/facilitating classes, that is entirely true and a primary reason I want to participate.

I am very eager to receive this level of training within the context of our local church body and have the opportunity to more deeply connect with other members throughout the process.

Do you currently have 1-3 people that can commit to meeting with you twice a month (on average) for discipling over the course of the next year? If so, who are they?

Yes! Lacy Ingle (in our Growth Group), Christy Dearing (also in our GG, providing she doesn’t also apply) and potentially my mother, Janice Philippi. My husband, Ronnie, has also expressed he would like for me to go over/discuss the information with him each week.

Would your spouse or close friend recommend that you participate in the Intensive during your current season of life?
  • Yes
Choose one of the following doctrines and give us a brief definition and explanation of the subject: God, salvation, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible.

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God consisting of 66 books, divided into the Old and New Testaments (39 and 27 books, respectively). The Bible is the source of Truth and is revealed/illuminated to man by the Holy Spirit.