NameTimothy Roberts
Address9 Park Drive
Belmont, NC 28012
United States
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Phone(704) 860-1549
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Are you a member of Parkwood?
  • No
If not, which church?South Point Baptist, but are taking new members classes @ Parkwood.
Are you able to commit to this two year process (in one year segments)?
  • Yes
Regarding the time commitment, do you have any reservations or potential issues?
  • No
Are you currently serving in the church? If so, where?I was a driver for 180 weekend, helped breakdown for Bible School, but are just plugging further into Parkwood. At South Point, taught in AWANAs, taught 2nd grade Sunday School
Are you currently discipling someone? If so, who are you discipling and please tell us about the relationship.

Shane London, a brother in Christ, we check in most days to share life and also continue to study in the Bible together. Currently, we are going through the book of James with a study from Vince Miller. Shane grew up without a father in the home and now as a parent is navigating what that looks like as a believer.

Is someone currently discipling you? If so, who is discipling you and please tell us about the relationship.

Not in a formal sense, but at this stage of life I have several elders that I seek counsel from and check in with routinely. AJ Main - former pastor @ South Point Baptist and now with FamilyLife, I check in with him monthly to discuss issues with sharing my faith, sharing life together, encouragement.
Dan Davis - camp director @ Rockmont Camp for Boys - developed a relationship with Dan over the past 8 years having gone to several father/son retreats at Rockmont Camp for Boys. As the book Deep Discipleship pointed out to me, my journey deeper went outside the church to a para-church organization to challenge my faith and also develop many of the spiritual disciplines I was totally unaware of as a believer and much less on how to practice them. Dan has shared his own journey with meditation, prayer, fasting, a life of simplicity that has required me to consider my life from another vantage point. He led a retreat of men I helped organize a couple of years ago and I also helped serve as a counselor for a program on the Appalachian Trail for 16-17yr young men this past summer.

Have you previously taken any training or equipping classes at Parkwood? (I.e. Bible Doctrine, discipleship, evangelism, 20 Basic Beliefs, GG leader training, etc.) If so, which ones?


Why do you want to be a part of Disciple Makers Intensive?

To learn deeper and to develop the skills of what I'm learning in order share what I am learning with clarity.

Do you currently have 1-3 people that can commit to meeting with you twice a month (on average) for discipling over the course of the next year? If so, who are they?

I have a couple of guys in mind, but have not approached them. My prayer would be they might be receptive.
Jimmie West
Donnie Rush
Cooper Roberts

Would your spouse or close friend recommend that you participate in the Intensive during your current season of life?
  • Yes
Choose one of the following doctrines and give us a brief definition and explanation of the subject: God, salvation, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible.

The Bible -
God's inerrant word revealed to humans through the Holy Spirit to writers over thousands of years. It connects God's plan and plans for all of creation historically and into the future. The Spirit inspired Word provides man the place to go for instruction, guidance, and orienting your life. 2 Timothy 3:16 sums it up for me "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness."