NameRebekah Engle
Address1231 Queensgate St
Gastonia, NC 28054
United States
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Phone(704) 678-1554
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Are you a member of Parkwood?
  • Yes
Are you able to commit to this two year process (in one year segments)?
  • Yes
Regarding the time commitment, do you have any reservations or potential issues?
  • No
Are you currently serving in the church? If so, where?GG leader wife, GG host home, women’s Bible study small group leader
Are you currently discipling someone? If so, who are you discipling and please tell us about the relationship.

I am not formally disciplining anyone (besides my children), but I certainly try to regularly disciple the women in our GG.

Is someone currently discipling you? If so, who is discipling you and please tell us about the relationship.

My husband is a faithful disciple-maker. I am always learning from him and what he studies. I also try to learn all I can from Lainey, Emily, and (previously) Mallory through Thursday morning Bible study.

Have you previously taken any training or equipping classes at Parkwood? (I.e. Bible Doctrine, discipleship, evangelism, 20 Basic Beliefs, GG leader training, etc.) If so, which ones?

GG leader training, small group leader training

Why do you want to be a part of Disciple Makers Intensive?

The primary answer that comes to my mind for this question is, “Why would I not want to be a part of Disciple Makers Intensive?”
We have one life to live; I want to live mine for Christ. I want to grow, I want to glorify, I want to disciple.

Do you currently have 1-3 people that can commit to meeting with you twice a month (on average) for discipling over the course of the next year? If so, who are they?

I haven’t nailed down exactly who my 1-3 would be. Ideally I would LOVE to disciple Jennifer Ensley from my GG. She is a sponge and eager to learn, but at this season of life, I doubt she would be willing to make the time commitment. I have a couple of others in mind as possibilities, but I don’t have a concrete list.

Would your spouse or close friend recommend that you participate in the Intensive during your current season of life?
  • Yes
Choose one of the following doctrines and give us a brief definition and explanation of the subject: God, salvation, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible.

Salvation: salvation is the process of being made new through Christ, dying to our old sinful selves, being made new into the likeness of him. Salvation is by his grace alone, and it is his doing, not ours. Salvation is worked out with fear and trembling, and we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our salvation gives us abundant, eternal life in which we are joyously able to commune directly with the Father as one who has been made spotless by the blood of His son, and we live filled with the gift of his Spirit as our Helper.