NameBryan Phillips
Address1566 Robinson Oaks Dr.
Gastonia, NC 28054
United States
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Phone(704) 253-3441
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Are you a member of Parkwood?
  • Yes
Are you able to commit to this two year process (in one year segments)?
  • Yes
Regarding the time commitment, do you have any reservations or potential issues?
  • No
Are you currently serving in the church? If so, where?I currently serve as a growth group leader/host home and play bass in the band.
Are you currently discipling someone? If so, who are you discipling and please tell us about the relationship.

I am currently coming alongside the men in my growth group. We discuss scripture and prayer requests. I meet with them individually for lunch, text, and call.
Brian Keever, Mark Greemon, Jeremy Clark, Rich Wyatt, and Josh Stockdale are in my group.
I keep up with members in the military that have family issues or other personal concerns -- whether they are believers or non believers.
I check in with a neighbor regularly who attends a church in Charlotte.

Is someone currently discipling you? If so, who is discipling you and please tell us about the relationship.

Ed Partin and I check in on each other regularly. We used to be in growth group together and have since both gone on to be host home and leader/apprentice. Scott O'Dell reaches out periodically as well. He used to be in another growth group with me, and he encourages me and checks on our family.

Have you previously taken any training or equipping classes at Parkwood? (I.e. Bible Doctrine, discipleship, evangelism, 20 Basic Beliefs, GG leader training, etc.) If so, which ones?

-leader training
-host home training,
-various equip classes,
-discipleship equip

Why do you want to be a part of Disciple Makers Intensive?

I want to be better equipped to disciple others effectively. I want to be able to disciple others in an efficient way. I want to be able to have more structure, whether it be scheduling etc. I want to continue to grow in my walk with the Lord and to be accountable to other believers.

Do you currently have 1-3 people that can commit to meeting with you twice a month (on average) for discipling over the course of the next year? If so, who are they?

Rich Wyatt

Would your spouse or close friend recommend that you participate in the Intensive during your current season of life?
  • Yes
Choose one of the following doctrines and give us a brief definition and explanation of the subject: God, salvation, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible.

Doctrine of Salvation:
Christ died according to the Scriptures, was buried, and rose on the third day. Salvation is from our Creator (God) who created man in His image. Man is sinful because of the fall in the Garden of Eden. God cannot look upon man’s sin. We are not righteous; no, not one. To take care of this sin and broken relationship between Man and God, God the Father finished His work by sending His Son Jesus as the perfect sacrifice on the cross for man’s sin because He loves us.

We are only saved in Christ alone, through faith alone, and by grace alone.