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Global Equip


October 23, 30, November 6 & 13
Sundays at 11am


Parkwood Baptist Church

Upcoming Global Equip Dates:

October 23, 30, November 6 & 13

This 4-week introduction to missions is designed for all members of the church, though it is most beneficial for those going or considering going on a Global Trip. Across these four weeks, you will learn shared language, steps of the missionary task, and be prepared for short-term, mid-term, and long-term going.



Why should I attend a Global Equip?
On a global trip, you will face different cultures, cuisines, languages, and terrain. The purpose of attending a global equip is to inform, prepare, and supply you with the necessary training and information so that you can take the next step toward going on a trip.
How long does the equip last?

Global Equip is an hour-long, 4-week introduction to missions, during the 11 am worship service at Parkwood.

Once I complete the equip, then what?

Once you have completed the 4-week equip you are encouraged to take the next step a go on a global trip. Your past experience traveling internationally will depend on which trip you choose to take.  Reach out to the global team to discuss what trip would be best for you to take. 

Email Global Disciple-Making Pastor Andrew Brafford

Is there childcare?

Yes. Since Global Equip happens during the 11 a.m. worship service, there are kids growth groups, ages birth through 8th grade, happening during equip sessions. 

Global Equip Questions